Christmas 2009 was a completely new experience for the volunteers at the Christmas Cheer Board. For the first time in our 91 year history, it became necessary to operate from two locations. A portion of the space we had been using became leased and there was not enough room for us all. We operated the administration from the former SIR store at the corner of Ellice and Empress with hampers and toys along with pick ups and deliveries located in the new building at the Red River Exhibition.

A huge thank you to Shelter Canadian Properties and all the folks at the Red River Exhibition for their help.
Our volunteers did a fantastic job making sure that 19088 hampers were distributed to needy families in our community.

The total number of people assisted was 51,534.
This total includes 21,237 children.

We are not sure what to expect will be needed for Christmas 2010, however our projections are for an increase.

We finished last year with a small deficit. The size of the deficit was quite small and was covered by the surplus from the previous year.

On behalf of all the volunteers in our warehouse and throughout our community, the Christmas Cheer Board Directors and I thank everyone for their support and hope you will continue your support. Our hope is to make sure that everyone is able to celebrate Christmas.

Kai Madsen - Executive Director