Frequently Asked Questions

Hamper Delivery starts Saturday December 7.

December Warehouse Hours of Operation

What's required?

  1. Valid driver's licence and a vehicle (any size)
  2. Approximately 1 hour for each delivery sheet (4-5 hampers per sheet)
  3. Preferably a minimum of 2 individuals who can lift hamper boxes (25-30 lbs) 

Do I need to make an appointment to deliver hampers?

No, just come to the warehouse and we will set you up with hampers to deliver.

If there is a group of volunteers and vehicles, then please call the Volunteer Coordinator (204) 989-5696 to setup a time.

Where do I go?

Christmas Cheer Board warehouse at 947 St. James Street.

Proceed to the hamper delivery area just inside the entrance and wait for a hamper delivery "checker" to help you and provide instructions.

How many hampers do I deliver?

Usually 4-5 hampers in the same area of the city per delivery (4-8 boxes, turkeys).  Hampers include the hamper (may be multiple boxes including children gifts) and a turkey or chicken.

Delivery sheets list the family names, addresses, phone numbers and any specific instructions.

How do I deliver the hampers?

Follow the addresses/instructions provided with the hampers.  You may call the recipient before delivery.

Even if the recipient does not answer their phone, it does not mean they are not home. Always attempt delivery at the address.

Does the recipient need to show ID and sign for the hamper?

No ID is required.

A signature is required for each successful hamper delivery.

What do I do if the hamper cannot be delivered?

Hamper must be returned to the warehouse along with the delivery sheet.

What do I do when all hamper deliveries are complete?

Please return the completed (signed) delivery sheet to the warehouse or send an email to

We are looking forward to meeting you and helping us complete a huge delivery challenge. Further instructions will be provided at the warehouse.

Thank you!

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