The Christmas Cheer Board is thrilled with volunteer requests   this season. If you have not already contacted us please check back Thursday November 30 to see current volunteer needs for the rest of the season.

We continue to accept sponsor requests through our Feed a Family program.

You may also collect/donate unperishable food or new unwrapped toys or make a monetary donation.

Hamper delivery - starts Saturday, December 9. No need to register, just show up at 550 Milt Stegall Drive (between Ellice and Sargent) between 9-7:00 weekdays and 9-3:00 weekends.

Thank you for your support!

Volunteer with us.......

  • be part of a community of great volunteers
  • add more meaning to your life

  • give back, having received hampers in the past

  • get student credit for volunteer hours

  • be an active retiree

  • learn more about Winnipeg, as a recent arrival

  • spread a little happiness and hope

The majority of volunteer roles during November and December in the office/warehouse are scheduled in 4 hour shifts:

  • 9:00am– 1:00pm
  • 1:00pm – 5:00pm
  • 5:00pm – 9:00 pm after Monday, December 11

Adult group volunteering

Groups can help by participating in the Feed-a-Family program, collecting food, toys, or donations

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate groups other than to deliver hampers. 

Age requirements

Youth aged 14 and 15 are encouraged to volunteer alongside an adult who accompanies them and provides supervision. Adolescents 16 and older may volunteer on their own.

Due to our working warehouse environment with heavy equipment and a busy office, sorry, you may not bring children to your shifts.

Family volunteering

Families with children under age 14 may wish to deliver hampers, collect food or toys, or put together a hamper for a family and deliver it under the Feed-a-Family program.

Occasional Volunteering

Food/toy drive - Organize to receive donations at your workplace, school or club.

Sponsor a hamper -  Purchase mandatory hamper items and deliver hamper to a family.

Deliver hampers -  Swing by the warehouse starting Saturday, December 9 with your vehicle and driver’s license. No appointment necessary. Delivery hours are 9–9 weekdays and 9-5 weekends between December 9 and December 23.

Join our knitting program - knit during the year with wool we provide (hats, neck warmers, mitts) then return your finished pieces to us in November to include in gifts for children 14 and under.  

Scheduled Volunteering (3 or more shift commitment)

Office Skills

Switchboard - Answer inquiries about receiving a hamper or volunteering. Complete hamper sponsorship requests, take donations by credit card.

Hamper phone applications - Take hamper applications from people calling in to apply for a hamper.

Hamper delivery routers/writers - Create hamper delivery sheets by area/postal code and include delivery instructions on delivery sheets.

Computer skills

Technical support - Help set up computers, troubleshoot email, database and connection issues.

Data entry - Enter hamper application information, school hamper packing information, or volunteer information into database.

Hamper pickup verifiers - As individuals arrive to pick up hampers, check their identification and ensure family information is correct on database. Obtain signature for hamper pickup.

Feed-a-Family Program - Help process feed-a-family hamper sponsor requests, match with hamper recipients, update database information and send information to sponsors.

Customer contact skills

Reception - Greet people coming in. Folks may be bringing food, toy or monetary donations, knitting, seeing a social worker, coming to volunteer, meeting with volunteers or doing a media interview. Possible phone work.

Assistant to social workers - File, help with hamper applications, assist as needed.

Checkers - Locate delivery sheets by city area, provide hamper delivery instructions to volunteer drivers, record drivers’ licenses, obtain driver signatures.

Special events - Be available to promote the Christmas Cheer Board, encourage and collect donations at special events such as mall displays or during sporting events.

Frequent heavier lifting, up to 13.6 kg (30 lb ) during a 4 hour shift

Set up/takedown office/warehouse - Set up desks, stations, signage at start of season (early November) and dismantle end of season (last week of December, early January).

Hamper delivery matchers - Fill delivery sheet hamper requests with appropriate hamper size and toys, stocking the hamper delivery area.

Hamper pickup station - Determine hamper size and number of gifts required based on application information. Provide hampers, turkeys and gifts to families coming in.

Loaders - Provide carts, help load vehicles, retrieve carts from parking lot, snow shovelling.

Hamper delivery returns - Receive hampers not delivered on first attempt, record delivery attempt, create second delivery sheets by postal code.

Turkey station - Organize turkeys by size, provide to volunteer drivers. Replenish turkeys from refrigeration unit as needed, also provide turkeys to hamper pick-up station.

Van drivers - Pick up large food, cash and toy donations using Christmas Cheer Board van.

Moderate lifting

Groceries - Check expiry dates on donated food and sort cans and dried goods for use in hampers.

Toy area - Sort and wrap toys by gender and age group; track and receive knitting.

Hamper box assembly - Assemble boxes and identify them by hamper size.

Hamper packing line - Back-fill food items to enable school children to pack hampers.